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Figure 2

From: Visualization of C. elegans transgenic arrays by GFP

Figure 2

Assay for polyploidy of nuclei. Comparison of body muscle between syIs44 [dpy-20(+)+pPD49-78::GFPlacI+lacO]; dpy-20 and lin-5(e1348), dpy-10(e128) II; syEx207 [pRF4 (rol-6(su1006)) +pPD49-78GFP-LacI+lacO]. Animals were mounted on 5% Noble agar containing ~100 nM levamisole and examined under Nomarski microscopy and fluorescence at 100X. a) lin-5(e1348), dpy-10(e128) II; syEx207 L4 hermaphrodite. b)syIs44; dpy-20 L4 hermaphrodite. Arrows point to GFP-LacI bound to lacO.

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