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Table 1 Disease classification criteria

From: Genetic variants of chemokine receptor CCR7 in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren's syndrome and systemic sclerosis

Disease Criteria % of patients fulfilling the criteria
SLE Malar rash 90
  Discoid rash 55
  Photosensitivity 70
  Oral ulcerations 40
  Non-erosive arthritis 90
  Serositis 35
  Glomerulonephritis 40
  Neurological involvement 15
  Hematological involvement 65
  Immunological involvement 75
  Antinuclear antibodies 100
Sjogren's syndrome Ocular symptoms 95
  Oral symptoms 87,5
  Objective involvement of lacrimal glands 92,5
  Pathological salivary gland biopsy 32,5
  Objective involvement of salivary glands 75
  Presence of autoantibodies against Ro/La 90
systemic sclerosis Proximal scleroderma 100
  Sclerodactyly 44
  Acral ulcerations 36
  Bilateral pulmonary fibrosis 18
  1. Patients analyzed in the present study have been classified based on the listed criteria.