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Table 3 Primer used

From: Genetic variants of chemokine receptor CCR7 in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren's syndrome and systemic sclerosis

Primer Sequence Primer application
CCR7_1F GAT CCT ATG ACC AGC GAC TGT C Forward amplification primer exon 1
   Sequencing primer exon 1
CCR7_1R AGT AGC TTC CAA TGC CCA CCA AA Reverse amplification primer exon 1
CCR7_2F TAC CCC ACG ACC TCA TAG C Forward amplification primer exon 2
CCR7_2R GTT GGA CTC CCC TAG CCC TAC TC Reverse amplification primer exon 2
CCR7_3F GAT GAT GCG GAC CTC ACG ATG Forward amplification primer exon 3
CCR7_3R CAT GAG GAG AGG TTT TCA GTC CC Reverse amplification primer exon 3
SeqCCR7_2F ACA AGA AGG AGG TGA GGA CAG TGA Sequencing primer exon 2
SeqCCR7_3F_1 GTT GGA GCC ACC CAG CTA AAC TG Sequencing primer exon 3
SeqCCR7_3F_2 GGG TCT TCG GTG TCC ACT TTT GC Sequencing primer exon 3
SeqCCR7_3F_3 TGC TCC AGG CAC GCA ACT TTG A Sequencing primer exon 3
SeqCCR7_3F_4 GCA GAT GCA ATG ACT CAG GAC Sequencing primer exon 3
SeqCCR7_3F_5 CAG CTG GTC AA ACA AAC TCT C Sequencing primer exon 3
  1. Primer selection for PCR product amplification and sequencing