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Figure 2

From: The influence of gene-environment interactions on GHR and IGF-1 expression and their association with growth in brook charr, Salvelinus fontinalis (Mitchill)

Figure 2

Reaction norm for growth, gene expression and individual transcript efficiencies. Predicted linear means for a) absolute growth, b) relative expression of GHR, c) relative expression of IGF-1 and d, e) individual transcript efficiencies (iTE) for GHR and IGF-1 of males and females of HIGH- and LOW-EBV group reared in freshwater and saltwater (20 ppt) environments. Gene-by-environment interaction between EBVgroup-by-environment for growth and iTEGHR is not clearly illustrated by non-parallel reaction norms because the difference in EBV group within each environment was small, albeit statistically significant.

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