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Figure 3

From: Sequence variation in the human transcription factor gene POU5F1

Figure 3

Visual genotypes for POU5F1 polymorphisms in African-descent (A.) and European-descent (B.) populations. Subjects (rows) and polymorphisms (columns, details for each polymorphism appear in Table 2) are clustered by groups of correlated polymorphisms (r2 ≥ 0.80), indicated by black lines. Colored squares represent genotypes at each polymorphic site: red = heterozygotes, yellow = homozygotes (minor allele), blue = homozygotes (major allele), and grey = missing data. Asterisks denote best choices for tagging polymorphism(s) based on r2 values with other polymorphisms within the cluster. Only polymorphisms with a minor allele frequency ≥ 0.10 are included.

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