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Figure 2

From: Overexpression of Scg5 increases enzymatic activity of PCSK2 and is inversely correlated with body weight in congenic mice

Figure 2

A strong local eQTL on chromosome 2 regulates the expression of Scg5 in BXD, CXB and BXH mouse crosses. Mapping of Scg5 expression in A) whole brain from B6 × DBA (BXD) recombinant inbred (RI) mice, B) hippocampus from BALB × B6 (CXB) RI mice, and C) whole brain from BXH-ApoE-/- F2 mice. eQTL were identified using interval mapping tools available at [15, 16] for BXD and CXB crosses and R/qtl [38] software for BXH-ApoE-/- F2 mice.

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