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Figure 1

From: Selection, diversity and evolutionary patterns of the MHC class II DAB in free-ranging Neotropical marsupials

Figure 1

Alignment of amino acid sequences of Gracilinanus microtarsus MHC-DAB alleles ( Grmi -DAB) and Marmosops incanus MHC-DAB alleles ( Main -DAB). Allele frequencies are given in italic, dots represent sequence identity with allele Grmi-DAB*01a and # indicates a pseudogene. The bracket combining Main-DAB*03 and Main-DAB*04 signifies that these two alleles revealed identical SSCP patterns and the frequency value is therefore composed from both alleles. Numeration is according to the human DR1 molecule and asterisks indicate the human antigen binding sites (ABS) defined by [37].

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