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Table 2 Association of invasive cervical cancer with p53 arg/arg genotype1, with various approaches to inter-laboratory disagreements

From: Use of latent class models to accommodate inter-laboratory variation in assessing genetic polymorphisms associated with disease risk

Referent category definition1 Index category (Arg/Arg genotype) definition2 OR (95% CI)
   Crude Adjusted3
Non-stringent Disagreed 1.6 (0.6–4.2) 1.5 (0.5–3.9)
  All-inclusive 2.4 (1.2–5.0) 2.4 (1.1–5.3)
  Agreed 2.6 (1.0–6.9) 3.4 (1.2–9.9)
Stringent Disagreed 2.7 (0.9–8.1) 2.8 (0.9–8.9)
  All-inclusive 4.1 (1.7–10.0) 5.0 (1.9–13.3)
  Agreed 4.5 (1.5–13.4) 8.0 (2.3–28.5)
  1. 1 Non-stringent definition allows inter-laboratory disagreement for the Arg/Pro and the Pro/Pro genotypes; stringent definition includes only genotypes with complete agreement among the three laboratories (adapted from reference 1).
  2. 2 Disagreed: includes only subjects with an Arg/Arg genotype determined by at least one laboratory but with different results from the other laboratories; Agreed: includes only Arg/Arg subjects with complete agreement among laboratories; All-inclusive: includes any reported Arg/Arg genotype with or without agreement among laboratories or in isolation
  3. 3 OR adjusted for age and race.