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Figure 3

From: Imputation of missing genotypes: an empirical evaluation of IMPUTE

Figure 3

Accuracies of imputed genotypes in 59,000 SNPs (y axis) versus a summary of the LD patterns surrounding them (x axis). The summary of LD is a weighted average of the pairwise D' between each SNP to be imputed and all other SNPs in the same chromosome with weights that are calculated as w D ' = i = 1 n D i ' exp ( d i ) MathType@MTEF@5@5@+=feaagaart1ev2aaatCvAUfKttLearuWrP9MDH5MBPbIqV92AaeXatLxBI9gBaebbnrfifHhDYfgasaacPC6xNi=xH8viVGI8Gi=hEeeu0xXdbba9frFj0xb9qqpG0dXdb9aspeI8k8fiI+fsY=rqGqVepae9pg0db9vqaiVgFr0xfr=xfr=xc9adbaqaaeGaciGaaiaabeqaaeqabiWaaaGcbaGaem4DaCNaemiraqKaei4jaCIaeyypa0ZaaabmaeaacqWGebardaWgaaWcbaGaemyAaKgabeaakiabcEcaNaWcbaGaemyAaKMaeyypa0JaeGymaedabaGaemOBa4ganiabggHiLdGccyGGLbqzcqGG4baEcqGGWbaCcqGGOaakcqGHsislcqWGKbazdaWgaaWcbaGaemyAaKgabeaakiabcMcaPaaa@4428@ . In the formula, d i is the physical distance between the SNP to be imputed and the ith SNP, in 100 kb, and d i ' is the estimate of LD between the same two SNPs.

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