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Table 2 Comparison of GWGGI with other software on the T1D dataset

From: GWGGI: software for genome-wide gene-gene interaction analysis

Memory usage 7 Mb 7 Mb 7 Mb 5 Mb 56 Mb 110 Mb
Time 1.5 min 3 min 5.5 hr 14’s 2 min 12 min
Model 7 SNPs 472 SNPs 2 SNPs 2 SNPs 2 SNPs 1674 SNPs*
P-value 1.12e-268 3.06e-138 1.74e-30 3.31e-62 1.27e-20 1.27e-103
Selected SNPs** rs3957146 rs9273363 rs9272723 rs9270986 rs9273363 rs9273363
  rs377763 rs3957146 rs9469220 rs9469220 rs9275418 rs3957146
  rs9270986 rs9270986     rs9275523
  rs9273363 rs3135377     rs9275418
  rs3177928 rs9275523     rs9469220
  1. *For Random Jungle, we choose the SNPs with permutation importance scores larger than 0.
  2. **SNPs chosen by the methods. If the number is larger than 5, we list the top 5 SNPs.