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Table 4 Genetic diversity among Saudi Arabian populations of Breonadia salicina estimated using ISSR markers

From: Assessment of genetic diversity in the endangered populations of Breonadia salicina(Rubiaceae) growing in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using inter-simple sequence repeat markers

  h I HT HS GST Number of polymorphic loci PPL
ISSR 0.116 (0.183) 0.172 (0.266) 0.116 (0.034) 0.086 (0.021) 0.256 68 32.2
  1. The individual sampled from Al-Baha is excluded. Standard deviations are in parentheses. h, Nei’s gene diversity; I, Shannon’s Information index; HT, total gene diversity; HS, population diversity; GST, Coefficient of genetic differentiation; PPL, Percentage of polymorphic loci.