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Table 2 Correlations between corrected phenotypic values and genomic predictions for the birds in the test sets assessed by cross-validation

From: Accuracy of genomic prediction for growth and carcass traits in Chinese triple-yellow chickens

Trait1 BLUP GBLUP BayesLASSO BayesMix4
Family sample     
BW6 -0.078a 0.448b 0.449b 0.463b
BW12 0.014a 0.449b 0.452b 0.468b
EP -0.009a 0.252b 0.255b 0.239b
BMP 0.092a 0.251a 0.251a 0.254a
LMP 0.152a 0.188a 0.183a 0.176a
Mean 0.034 0.318 0.318 0.320
Random sample     
BW6 0.194a 0.525b 0.525b 0.536c
BW12 0.107a 0.487b 0.487b 0.506c
EP 0.313a 0.395c 0.394c 0.390b
BMP 0.237a 0.313b 0.312b 0.333c
LMP 0.326a 0.430c 0.430c 0.428b
Mean 0.236 0.430 0.430 0.439
  1. 1BW6 = body weight at 6th weeks; BW12 = body weight at 12th weeks; EP = eviscerating percentage; BMP = breast muscle percentage; LMP = leg muscle percentage.
  2. a-cWithin a row, estimates without a common superscript differ significantly (P < 0.05), according to paired t test.