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Table 1 Estimates of heterozygosity threshold (P ≤0.05) of analyzed turkey populations

From: Genome-wide candidate regions for selective sweeps revealed through massive parallel sequencing of DNA across ten turkey populations

ID Threshold 1
Commercial Line L1 0.000030
Commercial Line L2 0.000022
Commercial Line L3 0.000051
Commercial Line L4 0.000014
Commercial Line L5 0.000029
Commercial Line L6 0.000032
Commercial Line L7 0.000026
Beltsville Small White 0.000010
Narragansett 0.000049
Royal Palm 0.000023
  1. 1Estimates of threshold values (P ≤0.05) to declare a candidate selective sweep when heterozygosity was found below the threshold in 5 consecutive bins of 300 Kb for each population.