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Table 3 Gene ontology (GO) terms that passed significant threshold of 0.05 after Benjamini Hochberg correction

From: Genome-wide candidate regions for selective sweeps revealed through massive parallel sequencing of DNA across ten turkey populations

GO term Annotation term Benjamini Hochberg P-value
GO:0048598 Embryonic morphogenesis 0.0005
GO:0001882 Nucleoside binding 0.0022
GO:0017076 Purine nucleotide binding 0.0029
GO:0001883 Purine nucleoside binding 0.0043
GO:0030554 Adenyl nucleotide binding 0.0045
GO:0000166 Nucleotide binding 0.0080
GO:0032553 Ribonucleotide binding 0.0091
GO:0032555 Purine ribonucleotide binding 0.0091
GO:0032559 Adenyl ribonucleotide binding 0.0155
GO:0005524 ATP binding 0.0168