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Figure 2

From: Hypothesis testing of meiotic recombination rates from population genetic data

Figure 2

Histograms of the LRT statistic γ ( H ) under the null hypothesis H 0 : γ =0 ( n =35). For each value of the nuisance parameter ρ (per kb), 100 data sets with a sample size of n=35 are independently generated using the MS program [17] with a mutation rate ρ=1.0/kb. The 95% quantiles of the histograms are: 16.99 (ρ=0.5), 14.36 (ρ=1.0), 8.32 (ρ=2.5), 9.73 (ρ=5.0), 13.04 (ρ=10.0), and 17.17 (ρ=20.0), respectively. The red dashed lines correspond to the density of distribution.

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