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Figure 1

From: A DArT marker-based linkage map for wild potato Solanum bulbocastanum facilitates structural comparisons between SolanumA and B genomes

Figure 1

Comparison of the S. bulbocastanum integrated genetic map with tomato and cultivated potato physical maps. Dark blue: potato physical map (genome sequence); Green: tomato physical map (genome sequence); black: S. bulbocastanum genetic map (consensus DArT marker linkage map). On the S. bulbocastanum map, regions highlighted in red show higher collinearity to cultivated potato than to tomato. Regions of the S. bulbocastanum map highlighted in blue are segments with an arrangement distinct from that found in cultivated potato or tomato. These segments may be specific to S. bulbocastanum and other B genome Solanum species. Marker CT182 on potato Chr11 is linked to the Columbia root-knot nematode locus named Rmc1 [10]-[52]. DArT marker 473601 highlighted with the red connection on S. bublocastanum LG11 represent the closest markers to CT182.

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