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Figure 2

From: Normal adult survival but reduced Bemisia tabaci oviposition rate on tomato lines carrying an introgression from S. habrochaites

Figure 2

Whitefly resistance of selected F 2 BC 3 plants and composition of the chromosomes 1, 5 and 12. Different letters indicate statistical differences according LSD (α < 0.05). Areas filled in black represent homozygous markers (S. habrochaites CGN 1.1561 allele). Areas filled in grey represent heterozygous markers. Non-filled areas represent homozygous markers (cv. Moneymaker allele). On Chromosome 1 and 12 are indicated the physical region (tomato genome assemble version ITAG2.3) of Tv-1 (76.7 to 90.0 Mbp) and Tv-2 (4.6 to 63.5 Mbp).

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