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Figure 4

From: Normal adult survival but reduced Bemisia tabaci oviposition rate on tomato lines carrying an introgression from S. habrochaites

Figure 4

Genotype and Phenotype of F 2 BC 3 PV101088-2 siblings. Oviposition rate (mean ± standard error) and marker data for 5 F2BC4 siblings from the F2BC3 PV101088-2 line are given. Asterisks indicate statistical significance according LSD (P = 0.05). Marker score nomenclature: a = homozygous cv. Moneymaker allele; b = homozygous S. habrochaites (CGN 1.1561) allele; h = heterozygous; n.d. = no data. Chromosomal positions are according to International Tomato Annotation Group (ITAG) Release 2, official annotations on the SL2.31 can be found in [41], marker sequences in [40].

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