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Figure 2

From: Identification of quantitative trait loci for phosphorus use efficiency traits in rice using a high density SNP map

Figure 2

A genetic linkage map of rice showing the mapping of QTLs with additive effects and epistatic effects. The sequent SNP markers have been sparsed according to the mapping results. The filled symbols represent the QTLs with additive effects; the open symbols represent the non-QTL locations involved in epistatic interactions. indicate the QTLs or location detected for BIOM; for HI; for Yield; for PUP; for PHI; for gPUE; for strPUE; for PUEb; for PUEg; for PT; and for PTE. Markers with arrows indicate a QTL located in a similar region according to RFLP/SSR maps and physical positions in previous studies. Marker RM259 on chromosome 1 [8], RM211 and RM53 on chromosome 2 [47], R1962 and RM225 on chromosome 6 [3],[47], RM201 on chromosome 9 [50], R2174 and R1629 on chromosome 10 [3], and C732 and R2672 on chromosome 12 [3],[51].

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