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Fig. 2

From: Population structure and history of the Welsh sheep breeds determined by whole genome genotyping

Fig. 2

Phylogeny of 18 native Welsh sheep breeds and their most closely related European breeds. Welsh breeds are shown in red, European in grey, Australian/New Zealand in yellow, Scottish in blue, English in yellow and Irish in green. An Indian Garole individual was used to provide an outgroup (no. 13). 1) Llanwenog, 2) Clun Forrest, 3) Black Headed Mutton, 4) Beulah, 5) Kerry Hill, 6) Welsh Hardy Speckled Faced, 7) Hill Radnor, 8) Black Welsh Mountain, 9) Balwen, 10) Badger Faced, 11) Boreray, 12) Soay, 13) Indian Garole - Outgroup, 14) Scottish Blackface, 15) Brecknock Hill Cheviot, 16) Llandovery White Faced, 17) Talybont Welsh Mountain, 18) Improved Welsh Mountain, 19) South Wales Welsh Mountain, 20) Hill Flock Welsh Mountain, 21) Dolgellau Welsh Mountain, 22) Tregaron Welsh Mountain, 23) Lleyn, 24) Galway, 25) German Texel, 26) New Zealand Texel, 27) Scottish Texel, 28) Australian Coopworth, 29) Border Leicester, 30) New Zealand Romney, 31) Wiltshire. Breed names shown in bold correspond to the adjacent breed images

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