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Fig. 1

From: Evaluation of host genetics on outcome of tuberculosis infection due to differences in killer immunoglobulin-like receptor gene frequencies and haplotypes

Fig. 1

Frequency of KIR genotypes in study group population. Forty-three distinct KIR types were seen in these 209 individuals that differ from each other by the presence of (shaded box) or absence (white box) of 19 KIR genes (KIR2DL5 broken down into 2DL5A, 2DL5B, and 2DL5 (both A and B); KIR2DS4 broken down into 1D and full length 2DS4). Frequency (%F) of each genotype is expressed as a percentage and is defined as the number of individuals having the genotype (N+) divided by the number of individuals (n) in the tuberculosis status group

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