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Table 3 GO enrichment terms having FDR < 0.01 from the genes having significant variations (−log10(p) ≥8.50) for fat yield (FY), milk yield (MY), protein yield (PY) and fertility index (FI)

From: Genome-wide association analysis of milk yield traits in Nordic Red Cattle using imputed whole genome sequence variants

GO term Description FDR FDR FDR FDR
GO:0022610 Biological adhesion 6.20E-07 0.0013   2.00E-06
GO:0065007 Biological regulation 9.40E-12 6.80E-05 0.072 2.40E-28
GO:0044085 Cellular component biogenesis 3.60E-09 0.048   1.00E-22
GO:0016043 Cellular component organization 1.00E-37 2.90E-12 0.00027 1.80E-76
GO:0009987 Cellular process 4.90E-14 4.60E-05 0.0074 3.80E-20
GO:0016265 Death 7.80E-21 2.00E-07   4.00E-25
GO:0032502 Developmental process 8.80E-102 2.10E-41 1.40E-14  
GO:0051234 Establishment of localization 1.80E-14 2.80E-05 0.0057 1.70E-27
GO:0040007 Growth 5.60E-42 2.10E-17   9.40E-45
GO:0002376 Immune system process 0.00022 0.0032   9.80E-10
GO:0051179 Localization 5.90E-20 1.10E-07 0.0059 4.70E-44
GO:0008152 Metabolic process 9.40E-12 0.00035 0.57 7.80E-18
GO:0032501 Multicellular organismal process 8.00E-126 1.10E-44 1.50E-20 1.20E-161
GO:0048519 Negative regulation of biological process 2.80E-50 1.30E-25 1.20E-07  
GO:0048518 Positive regulation of biological process   1.70E-32 1.60E-08  
GO:0050789 Regulation of biological process 7.10E-10 0.00011 0.32 6.90E-22
GO:0000003 Reproduction 3.70E-57 3.70E-14 3.50E-09 1.20E-54
GO:0022414 Reproductive process 1.70E-50 7.50E-11 1.90E-07 6.30E-38
GO:0050896 Response to stimulus 6.00E-31 5.50E-06 8.80E-07 8.60E-44