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Fig. 5

From: DNA polymorphism and selection at the bindin locus in three Strongylocentrotus sp. (Echinoidea)

Fig. 5

Sliding-window plots for the Wall’s (1999) B neutrality test statistic along the bindin gene region in S. intermedius (INT), S. pallidus (PAL), and S. droebachiensis (DRO). The total length of the sequence is 1398 bp with indels excluded. Window sizes are 50 nucleotides with five-nucleotide increments. Thin horizontal lines indicate expected values of the B neutrality test statistic with P = 0.01 (lower line) and P = 0.001 (upper line) obtained by coalescent simulations conditioned on the number of polymorphic sites without recombination. Other comments see Fig. 3

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