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Table 4 Accessions with resistant reactions to between 8 to 11 isolates of Phytophthora sojae

From: Phenotypic evaluation and genetic dissection of resistance to Phytophthora sojae in the Chinese soybean mini core collection

Accessions Reaction typea Province Ecological region
ZDD06501 RRRSRRRRSRS Jiangxi South
ZDD21485 RRRRRRSSRSR Fujian South
ZDD00921 RRRRRRSRRRS Liaoning North
ZDD06363 RRRRRRRRSRS Fujian South
ZDD03741 RRRRRRRRSSR Jiangsu Huanghuai
ZDD11581 RRRRRRRRRSS Hubei South
ZDD18835 RRRRRRRRRSS Hebei Huanghuai
ZDD03776 RRRRRRRRRRR Jiangsu Huanghuai
  1. aThe reaction type an accession occurred is a combination of reactions of the accession to P6497, HLJ08-17, P7063, AH, H15, HeN08-35, PNJ1, Pmg, Pm28, Pm31 and JS08-12 isolates