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Table 7 Candidate genes related to P. sojae resistance

From: Phenotypic evaluation and genetic dissection of resistance to Phytophthora sojae in the Chinese soybean mini core collection

SNP marker Nucleotide Location Gene Annotationa
Q-15-0369188 A/G Exon Glyma15g41680 LEM3 (ligand-effect modulator 3) family/CDC50-related
Q-03-0266907 A/G Exon Glyma03g28660 ARF-related/ADP-ribosylation factor
Q-15-0128012 A/G Exon Glyma15g18620 unknown
Q-16-0268535 A/T Exon Glyma16g30140 Predicted lipase class 3 gene
BARC-014467-01559 G/T Exon Glyma16g04700 Thioredoxin
BARC-013645-01207 A/G Exon Glyma20g39240 DEAD/DEAH box helicase
BARC-014527-01571 C/T Intron Glyma06g01080 2OG-Fe (II) oxygenase superfamily
Map-3031 A/G Intron Glyma16g14080 Serine/threonine protein kinase
Map-1995 A/G Exon Glyma11g11100 Phototropic-responsive NPH3 family protein
BARC-042413-08254 A/G Exon Glyma16g31930 Zinc finger domain
Q-03-0059953 A/G Exon Glyma03g04960 Lipid transport protein
BARC-039153-07459 A/C Intron Glyma15g01370 unknown
Map-0715 A/T Exon Glyma04g40800 Serine/threonine protein kinase
Map-1630 C/G Exon Glyma09g04310 Ankyrin repeat and calmodulin-binding motif
  1. aAnnotation description provided by the Soybean Genome Project, DoE Joint Genome Institute (