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Table 4 Common regions reported by different authors for bovine sexual precocity direct and indirect traits

From: Assessing the value of phenotypic information from non-genotyped animals for QTL mapping of complex traits in real and simulated populations

Ch/wi Traits reported in the region/Breed Authors
1/27 Age at first calving/Hanwoo Hyeong et al. [25]
14/63 Age at first calving/Hanwoo Hyeong et al. [25]
10/92 Heifer pregnancy/Angus Peters et al. [26]
22/2 Non-return of daughters at 56 days after insemination/Holstein Schrooten et al. [27]
4/77 Body condition scorea/Brahman and crossbreed Porto-Neto et al. [28]
  1. Ch = Chromossome and wi = Window detected by Bayes C (π = 0.99) and wSSGBLUP (w1, w2 and w3) methods
  2. aBody condition score was listed for indirectly affecting reproductive performance [30]