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Table 2 A partial list of candidate genes in or near the 42 high-confidence selection regions detected in multiple purebred lines of broiler chickens

From: Detection of genomic signatures of recent selection in commercial broiler chickens

Gene name Gene symbol Function or association
Thyroid hormone receptor beta cTR Growth, development and homeostasis
Sex Determining Region Y-Box 6 SOX6 Development of chondrocytes and skeletal muscle
Actin, alpha, cardiac muscle 1 ACTC1 Muscle development
Syntaxin binding protein 6 STXBP6 Bone allocation and fecundity traits
Myosin heavy chain 13 MYH13 Skeletal muscle development
Calpastatin CAST* Growth and meat quality
  1. Note: *this gene is located close to a candidate selection region detected in a gene desert area on GGAZ. Information about chromosomal locations of the 42 candidate selection regions and the full list of candidate genes in or near these regions can be found in Additional file 4: Table S4