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Fig. 2

From: Unique nucleolar dominance patterns in distant hybrid lineage derived from Megalobrama Amblycephala × Culter Alburnus

Fig. 2

PCR results of cDNA and controls. Gel electrophoresis map of the PCR results of cDNA from BSB, TC, F1 hybrids of BSB × TC and F2 hybrids of BSB × TC. NC: negative control, PC: positive control. BSB-C: control in the BSB, BSB-T: treatment in the BSB. F1-C: the control in F1 hybrids of BSB × TC, F1-T, the treatment in F1 hybrids of BSB × TC. F2-C-pattern 1: the control of pattern 1 in F2 hybrids of BSB × TC, F2-T-pattern 1: the treatment of pattern 1 in F2 hybrids of BSB × TC. The other samples are named as the same rules. Note: For every pattern of each kind of fish, one sample was used to present

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