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Fig. 3

From: Effect of lentivirus-mediated shRNA inactivation of HK1, HK2, and HK3 genes in colorectal cancer and melanoma cells

Fig. 3

Inhibitory effect of HK1, HK2 and HK3 knockdown on cell growth and proliferation. Viability of colorectal cancer HT-29 (black), SW 480 (blue), HCT-15 (light blue), RKO (purple), HCT 116 (brown) and melanoma MDA-MB-435S (green), SK-MEL-28 (red) cell lines transfected by lentiviral vectors pLSLP-HK1 plus pLSLP-HK2 (a), pLSLP-HK1 plus pLSLP-HK3 (b), pLSLP-HK2 plus pLSLP-HK3 (c), and pLSLP-HK1, pLSLP-HK2 plus pLSLP-HK3 (d)

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