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Fig. 6

From: Genes of susceptibility to early neurodegenerative changes in the rat retina and brain: analysis by means of congenic strains

Fig. 6

An MRI morphometric study of the brain of 12-month-old OXYS, WAG/OXYS 1.1, and WAG/OXYS-1.2 rats. a The total number of demyelinating foci is significantly greater in the OXYS brain than in the brain of the congenic and WAG rats. b The lateral ventricles in the congenic and WAG rats are enlarged when compared with OXYS rats. c Axial slices of the brain of 12-month-old WAG/OXYS-1.2, WAG, and OXYS rats. The foci of demyelination (white arrows) and the increase in the size of lateral ventricles in WAG and congenic rats (white dotted arrows) are visible. Not all congenic and WAG rats have the demyelination lesions. The data are shown as mean ± SEM. Abbreviation: LV, lateral ventricles; *P < 0.05 for differences between the strains

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