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Table 2 The Rat Genome Database report for the analyzed quantitative trait loci on RNO1

From: Genes of susceptibility to early neurodegenerative changes in the rat retina and brain: analysis by means of congenic strains

RGD ID Locus Name Start End LOD Trait
1354647 Despr8 Despair related QTL 8 1 24368159 locomotor activity trait (VT:0001392)
1354653 Despr9 Despair related QTL 8 185390068 230390068 locomotor activity trait (VT:0001392)
738028 Anxrr12 Anxiety related response QTL 12 141296374 186296374 4.90 locomotor activity trait (VT:0001392)
738022 Anxrr13 Anxiety related response QTL 13 91093646 136093646 4.60 locomotor activity trait (VT:0001392)
738006 Anxrr14 Anxiety related response QTL 14 141296374 186296374 4.00 locomotor activity trait (VT:0001392)
2313402 Anxrr24 Anxiety related response QTL 24 49147799 156446783 aggression-related behavior trait (VT:0015014)
  1. Start/End: start and end positions of QTL on RNO1, respectively, bp; LOD: the corresponding logarithm of the odds ratio, if reported