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Fig. 2

From: Haploid yeast cells undergo a reversible phenotypic switch associated with chromosome II copy number

Fig. 2

Relationship of the isolates used in this work. Grey contour, clones no longer existing in the collection; black contour, isolates analyzed in our work. The dotted line separates SUP35 SUP45 and sup35-25 sup45-400 clones. Blue background signifies Lys+ or Lys+His+ phenotype (Isp, m for ‘minus’); purple background signifies LysHis (Isp+, p for ‘plus’) phenotype. GuHCl, guanidine hydrochloride treatment. Solid arrows signify passaging without treatment; dotted arrows signify GuHCl treatment or transformation (indicated above). ↑↑ SFP1, SFP1 overexpression with subsequent plasmid loss for isolation of Isp+ clones. ↑↑ SUP35, SUP35 overexpression with subsequent plasmid loss for [PSI +] induction

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