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Table 1 Isp isolates differ from Isp+ ones by chromosome II copy number

From: Haploid yeast cells undergo a reversible phenotypic switch associated with chromosome II copy number

Isolate name Phenotype Karyotype
[PSI +] Ade+HisLys euploid
[psi ] AdeHisLys +I
25, p1, p10, p11, p12, p13 Isp+ euploid
p3 +XIV
p4 +IX
m1 Isp +II
m2, m4, m6, m7, m8, m9, m11 +II, IX
  1. Shown are summarized results of the aGCH analysis. For isolate names, see Fig. 2. Isp isolates are indicated in bold. For full data, see Additional file 3: Figure S2 and Additional file 4: Table S2