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Fig. 14

From: A compendium of human genes regulating feeding behavior and body weight, its functional characterization and identification of GWAS genes involved in brain-specific PPI network

Fig. 14

A catalog of functional characteristics of genes regulating BW and FB revealed in the current study. Here we present only the most important molecular functions, biochemical/signaling pathways, organs/tissues, and biological processes: (1) non-overlapping functional groups of genes that were overrepresented in the compendium; (2) the classification of enriched pathways performed using the hierarchical scheme provided by the KEGG pathway database (the full list of pathways is presented in Fig. 3 and Additional file 2: Figure S1); (3) TSEA organs and tissues with the cell-specific lists of tissue-enriched transcripts/genes that were overrepresented with genes from the group Rank_1: genes with biological interpretation; (4) homologous groups of proteins including more than three proteins; (5) extended clusters with scores of initial clusters exceeding 3.3

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