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Table 4 The significant exercise-regulated molecular pathways identified fallowing training in Arabian horses

From: Transcriptome profiling of Arabian horse blood during training regimens

Pathway Kegg number Gene N Gene symbol p Gene
Gene symbol p Gene
Gene symbol p
Comparison   T1 vs T2 T2 vs T3 T0 vs T3
Jak-STAT signaling pathway ecb04630     4 BCL2, IL6ST, PIK3CG, PTPN11, 0.03 6 BCL2, CCND2, IL6ST, IL7R, PIK3CG, PTPN11, 0.01
PI3K-Akt signaling pathway ecb04151     6 BCL2, FOXO3, GNBa, ITGA4, PIK3AP1, PIK3CG, 0.01 11 BCL2, CCND2, FOXO3, GNB4, IL7R, ITGA4, PIK3AP1, PIK3CG, PPP2R5E, YWHAG, GNGT2 0.001
cAMP signaling pathway ecb04024     2 PDE3B, PIK3CG 0.04 7 ATP2B, CAMK4, NFATC1, PDE3B, PDE4A, PIK3CG, PPP1R12A 0.003
FoxO signaling pathway ecb04068     4 ATM, FOXO3, PIK3CG, TGFBR1, 0.03 8 ATM, CCND2, FOXO3, IL7R, STK4, PIK3CG, S1PR4, TGFBR1 0.001
Glycerophospholipid metabolism ecb00564 4 AGPAT5, LGPAT1, GPD1, PLA2G4F 0.001 4 AGPAT3, AGPAT5, GPD2, LPGAT1, 0.01 5 AGPAT3, AGPAT5, GPD2, LPGAT1, PCYT1A 0.002
Insulin signaling pathway ecb04910     4 CBL, CBLB, PDE3B, PIK3CG 0.02 5 CBL, FASN, CBLB, PDE3B, PIK3CG 0.02
Calcium signaling pathway ecb04020 2 CYSLTR1, SLC25A4 0.01 3 ITPR1, ITPR2, CYSLTR1 0.03 5 ATP2A2, ATP2B4, CAMK4, ITPR1, ITPR2, 0.03
Regulation of actin cytoskeleton ecb04810 1 MYLPF ns 6 ARHGEF6, IQGAP2, ITGA4, PAK2, PIK3CG, SSH2, 0.01 8 ARHGEF6, IQGAP2, ITGA4, MSN, PAK2, PIK3CG, SSH2, PPP1R12A 0.02
Notch signaling pathway ecb04330     2 KAT2B, RBPJ ns 5 KAT2B, NCOR2, NOTCH1, NOTCH2, RBPJ 0.001
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) ecb05410 4 CACNB1, TPM1, TPM2, TTN, 0.03 1 ITGA4 ns 1 ITGA4 ns
  1. N number of identified genes, ns not significant; gene symbol indicated in bold were identified as down-regulated during training periods