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Fig. 1

From: Large-scale mitochondrial DNA analysis of native honey bee Apis mellifera populations reveals a new African subgroup private to the South West Indian Ocean islands

Fig. 1

Evolutionary lineages transition within Apis mellifera native range using COI-COII region and distribution in the South West Indian Ocean archipelagos. Evolutionary lineages A, C and M and sub-lineages (AI, AIII, Z) were determined by the sequencing of the mtDNA COI-COII intergenic region (n = 1184). Country and island codes are indicated near each frequency diagram with the associated number of sequence obtained. The map was constructed using QGIS and Open Landscape Layer from ANJ Anjouan, CAF Central African Republic, CHE Switzerland, COM Comoros, DEU Germany, DIG La Digue, EGY Egypt, ESP Spain, FRA France, GAB Gabon, GCO Grande Comore, GRC Greece, ITA Italy, MAH Mahé, MDG Madagascar, MOH Mohéli, MOZ Mozambique, MUS Mauritius, MYT Mayotte, MWI Malawi, PRA Praslin, PRT Portugal, REU La Réunion, ROD Rodrigues, SEN Senegal, STP São Tomé Island, SYC Seychelles, UGA Uganda, ZAF South Africa, ZWE Zimbabwe and TZA Tanzania

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