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Fig. 6

From: Large-scale mitochondrial DNA analysis of native honey bee Apis mellifera populations reveals a new African subgroup private to the South West Indian Ocean islands

Fig. 6

Phylogenetic relations among ND2 haplotypes linked to COI-COII haplotypes and geographical origins support a South West Indian Ocean A. mellifera African sub-group. The tree is an Approximately-Maximum-Likelihood phylogenetic tree based on ND2 haplotype and using GTR + CAT model. The tree was based on the 34 obtained ND2 sequences, including 49 references sequences from GenBank (in brackets). For each ND2 haplotype, the origin of the sample is indicated (South West Indian Ocean islands, African or European countries) and highlighted by a color. Additionally, the observed associated COI-COII haplotype is also specified for each island or country taxon. Only one individual of each ND2–COI-COII and location are represented in the tree for better visibility (see also Additional file 1: Table S4). Bootstraps are indicated in red near the node

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