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Fig. 1

From: Identifying highly informative genetic markers for quantification of ancestry proportions in crossbred sheep populations: implications for choosing optimum levels of admixture

Fig. 1

Bar plots of individual ancestry estimates from an unsupervised (a) and a supervised (b) structure analysis of crossbred populations at K = 2. Individuals were represented by vertical line divided in to 2 colors, red color indicating the proportion of Awassi and green color the proportion of Ethiopian fat-tailed. Each population was separated by black line. The location is indicated in brackets. WA = Wollo x Awassi crossbred, MAFTA = Menz x Awassi crossbred: these samples were collected 3 years before the others using FTA cards, WA = Wollo x Awassi crossbred population, MA = Menz x Awassi crossbred population, DBARC = DebreBerhan Agricultural Research center, AGSBMC = AmedGuya Sheep Breeding and Multiplication Center

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