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Table 1 Substitution motifs of haplogroups

From: Canis mtDNA HV1 database: a web-based tool for collecting and surveying Canis mtDNA HV1 haplotype in public database

Haplogroup Substitution motif
B C15526, T15612, C15632, T15639, G15652, T15800, C15814 C15955
C C15508, C15526, T15639, T15650, T15800, C15912, C15955
D T15625, C15632, T15636, T15639, T15800, C15814, T15815, G15848, C15912, C15959
E C15526, A15553, T15639, G15652, T15800, C15814, C15912, G15938
F A15490, T15523, T15611, A15627, T15628, T15639, G15652, T15800, C15814, C15912