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Table 3 Entries with inconsistent annotations

From: Canis mtDNA HV1 database: a web-based tool for collecting and surveying Canis mtDNA HV1 haplotype in public database

GenBank acc. Mutation profile Haplotype Inconsistency
according to GenBank recognized by CHD
KM262649.1 A15627G T15639A C15814T A15931- C15959T T16025C A16033G A228 A140 (A15627G T15639A C15814T A15931- C15959T T16025C A16033G) assignment of a new haplotype for an assigned haplotype
JF342817.1 A15653G C15814T C15955T A17 (T15620C A15627G T15639A C15814T C15955T) new haplotype A (A15653G C15814T C15955T) Wrong identification for a new haplotype
JF342836.1 A15553G T15639A C15814T A15931-) A171 (T15639A C15814T G15848A T16025C) A246 (A15553G T15639A C15814T A15931-) Wrong identification for an assigned haplotype
KJ637102.1 C15483T A15627G T15639A C15814T C15912T haplotype Be36_2 A1 (C15483T A15627G T15639A C15814T C15912T) Annotated with other haplotyping system