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Table 4 Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) for the cultivated and wild korarima populations

From: Genetic structure and relationships within and between cultivated and wild korarima [Aframomum corrorima (Braun) P.C.M. Jansen] in Ethiopia as revealed by simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers

Source of variation d.f. Sum of squares Variance components %age of variation P-value
AG 1 13.555 0.08193 Va 5.74 Vc and F ST  = 0.000
APWG 19 16.850 −0.02892 Vb −2.03 Vb and F SC  = 0.069
WP 335 460.267 1.37393 Vc 96.29 Va and F CT  = 0.000
Total 355 490.671 1.42694   
Fixation Index FST = 0.04     
  1. AG among groups of populations (cultivated vs wild), APWG among populations within groups (cultivated and wild), WP within populations