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Fig. 1

From: Use of easy measurable phenotypic traits as a complementary approach to evaluate the population structure and diversity in a high heterozygous panel of tetraploid clones and cultivars

Fig. 1

Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for quantitative traits on 144 potato individuals. Axis 1 (48, 4%) and Axis 2 (16, 9%) explained 65% of total variation. Minimum Spanning Tree corresponding to the distance matrix was added. Each dot symbolises a unique genotype and the initial letter in the name the a priori group affiliation. Dot colors corresponded to a priori group classification as follows: green (interspecific hybrids), grey (CIP clones), pink (North America varieties), black (INTA clones and varieties), yellow (diploid genotypes), red (Group Andígena), violet (Europe-Asia varieties), turquoise (South America varieties)

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