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Table 2 Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) among the inferred barley subpopulations based on STRUCTURE analysis

From: A microsatellite diversity analysis and the development of core-set germplasm in a large hulless barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) collection

Var. Source d.f.b SS Var. Comp. Variance(%)c
Among subpopulationsa 2 4393.611 8.82205 16.07**
Within subpopulations 1121 51,653.286 46.07786 83.93**
Total 1123 56,046.897 54.89991  
  1. **P < 0.001, for 1000 permutations
  2. aSubpopulations were defined by structure analysis when k = 2, including p1, p2
  3. bStands for the degree of freedom
  4. cThe percentage of molecular variance attributed to the variance among and within the subpopulations