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Table 1 List of cowpea accessions used for comparative genetic diversity study and their sources

From: Assessment of genetic diversity in Vigna unguiculata L. (Walp) accessions using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) and start codon targeted (SCoT) polymorphic markers

Location L.G.A State Accession
Amuda Umunneochi Abia AbCp-1
Eluama Isiukwuato Abia AbCp-2
Lokpaukwu Umunneochi Abia AbCp-3
Mbawusi Isiala Ngwa North Abia AbCp-4
Abakpa Nike Enugu AbCp-5
Nsuka Enugu Enugu EnCp-1
Udi Enugu Enugu EnCp-2
Eziagu Enugu Enugu EnCp-3
Agbani Enugu Enugu EnCp-4
Akwuke Enugu Enugu EnCp-5
Okwerike Ikwo Ebonyi EbCp-1
Umuezeokoha Ezza North Ebonyi EbCp-2
Effium Ezzamgbo Ebonyi EbCp-3
Akpugo Nkanu South Ebonyi EbCp-4
Liberty Nike Ebonyi EbCp-5
Ibadan Akinyele Oyo TVu–264
Ibadan Akinyele Oyo Ife Brown
Ibadan Akinyele Oyo IT84S-2246
  1. AbCp Abia cowpea, EnCp Enugu cowpea, EbCp Ebonyi cowpea, L.G.A Local government area