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Table 1 List of wheat accessions used for sequence analysis of the DEP1 gene

From: DEP1 gene in wheat species with normal, compactoid and compact spikes

Genome Species Accession number Place of origin Spike shape DEP1 GenBank No.
Ab T. monococcum L. Sog glume-1 Mutant obtained in Japan [24] compactoid MF979621
Ab T. monococcum L. Sog glume-2 Mutant obtained in Japan [24] compactoid MF979622
Ab T. monococcum L. Extremely early C Mutant obtained in Japan normal MF979623
Ab T. monococcum L. К-18105 Nagorno-Karabakh normal MF979624
BAu T. durum Desf. Sharik Russia [25] compactoid MF979625, MF979631
BAu T. durum Desf. Lnd222
USA normal MF979626, MF979632
BAuD T. compactum Host K1711 Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region compact MF979627, MF979629, MF979633
BAuD T. spelta L. К-53660 Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region Normal MF979628, MF979630, MF979634