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Fig. 1

From: High resolution melting curve analysis targeting the HBB gene mutational hot-spot offers a reliable screening approach for all common as well as most of the rare beta-globin gene mutations in Bangladesh

Fig. 1

Schematic representation of mutational hot-spot in the beta-globin gene. The blue bars indicate the exons, whereas the pink bars indicate introns. The black horizontal line that starts at c.1 of exon 1 and extends to c.217 of exon 2 comprises the mutational hot-spot of beta-globin gene in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The black vertical lines and the corresponding numbers above the lines represent 10 mutational positions (1 = c.27_28insG, 2 = c.46delT, 3 = c.47G > A, 4 = c.51delC, 5 = c.79G > A, 6/7 = c.92G > C/c.92G > A, 8 = c.92 + 5G > C, 9 = c.92 + 130G > C, and 10 = c.126_129delCTTT) in the HBB gene in Bangladesh. The green and blue arrows indicate the forward primers and the reverse primers respectively that were used for the HRM analysis

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