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Fig. 4

From: TelNet - a database for human and yeast genes involved in telomere maintenance

Fig. 4

Application of TelNet for a correlation analysis of telomere length and gene expression. Scatter plot showing the log2 ratio (tumor/normal) of gene expression versus the Spearman correlation coefficient Rho for gene expression and telomere length. For histograms of Rho and log2 ratio a Gaussian fit is shown with significance values defined from the 1%-tail of the fit. Genes that were either significantly (p < 0.01) up- (log2 ratio > 0.852) or downregulated (log2 ratio < − 0.782) or significantly (p < 0.01) correlated (Rho > 0.186) or anti-correlated (Rho < − 0.184) were colored in black. Genes above the significance thresholds that were present in the TelNet database are shown in red color

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