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Table 1 Screening studies and database information included in TelNet for identification of TM genes

From: TelNet - a database for human and yeast genes involved in telomere maintenance

Method Organism / cell line # genes/proteins Ref.
Proteomics of isolated chromatin segments (PICh) human / Wi38-VA13 HeLa 1.2.11 296 [14]
Quantitative telomeric chromatin isolation protocol (QTIP) human / HeLa 34 [38]
Protein network analysis surrounding telomere repeat binding factors, TRF1, TRF2, and POT1 using dual-tag affinity purification in combination with multidimensional protein identification technology liquid chromatography - tandem mass spectrometry (MudPIT LC-MS/MS) human / 293 T 211 [16]
Protein complementation assay (PCA/bimolecular fluorescent complementation (BiFC)) of shelterin compounds and ~ 12.000 candidate genes; GST-pulldown of FLAG-tagged genes human / HTC75 339 [17]
siRNA mediated knockdown; APB formation human / U2OS 29 [23, 39]
Proteomic analysis of deregulated genes upon telomere shortening caused by the telomerase inhibitor GRN163 human / SK-N-MC 99 [24]
QTRAP: kinase library screen human / HeLa 109 [18]
Telomerase regulators affecting its transcription human / various 53 [19]
Gene set with potential relevance to telomeres and the ALT pathway human / various 297 [41]
Telomerase activity signature human 43 [40]
GO annotation containing the term “telo” human 245 [44]
Haploid deletion screen, telomere length yeast 166 [26]
Telomere length-variation screen in deletion strains yeast 138 [27]
Screen of DAmP collection yeast 77 [28]
Telomerase null screen of yeast mutants yeast 270 [42]
Telomerase regulators from the Yeastract database yeast 35 [43]
GO annotation containing the term “telo” yeast 192 [44]