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Table 2 SNPs associated with multivariate phenotype of anterior cruciate ligament rupture (ACLR), tibial plateau angle (TPA), and relative tibial tuberosity width (rTTW)

From: Multivariate genome-wide association analysis identifies novel and relevant variants associated with anterior cruciate ligament rupture risk in the dog model

SNP Chr Position BFmult BFACLR BFTPA BFrTTW Gene Location Exon Dist. (Kb)
BICF2G630788965 1 95183740 3.07 0.78 -0.23 1.75 ROR2 95124036-95282085 51.9
BICF2P1286728 4 42104780 3.10 0.68 2.18 -0.24 DOCK2 41779969-42177966 0.34
3.37 4.24 -0.16 -0.11 (lncRNA) 26107359-26132719 N/A
  1. Table shows log10Bayes Factors (BF) for multivariate association test as well as univariate tests. BFmult, result for multivariate phenotype; BFACLR, ACL rupture only; BFTPA, tibial plateau angle only; BFrTTW, relative tibial tuberosity width only. SNPs on chromosomes 1 and 4 were located within intronic regions of genes. The distance from the SNP location to the nearest gene exon is reported (Exon Dist.). The locus on chromosome 23 resides in a region <8Kb from a long non-coding RNA (lncRNA)