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Fig. 3

From: Characterization and functional analysis of GhWRKY42, a group IId WRKY gene, in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Fig. 3

Subcellular localization and transcriptional activity assays of GhWRKY42. a Transient expression of the 35S-GhWRKY42::GFP construct in onion epidermal cells. b Transcriptional activity of GhWRKY42 in Y2HGold yeast cells. The ORF of GhWRKY42 was cloned into the pGBKT7 vector. The constructs were transformed into Y2HGold yeast cells and identified on SD/−Trp/−Leu and SD/−Trp/−Leu/-His/−Ade medium. PC, positive control (pGADT7-largeT+pGBKT7-p53); NC, negative control (pGADT7-largeT+pGBKT7-laminC); AD+BD-42, experimental group (pGADT7-largeT+pGBKT7-GhWRKY42)

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